What is Momentum?

MobileBridge Momentum is a blockchain and crypto-token based marketing automation platform aiming to allow companies to enhance loyalty/rewards programs by offering either MMTM or custom crypto tokens to more accurately engage with and reward their customers in exchange for their attention, business, brand advocacy and data insights, whilst giving the consumer full control over their personal data. Customers will receive tokens in exchange for customer loyalty to be spent or traded for other tokens.

How does Momentum work?

Momentum will be drawing on the experience of the parent company MobileBridge, which provides a mobile platform aimed to enhance customer interaction through gamification, videos, and polls. MobileBridge was founded in 2012.

The MobileBridge Momentum Platform enables companies to launch their own branded cryptocurrency-based marketing and/or reward schemes in order to increase user engagement. The platform gathers and analyzes customer data with their permission and offers the business a greater understanding of their customer’s behavior and offering the customer’s tokens and discounts in exchange for activities like watching or sharing videos, providing information or reviews, or simply hitting the "Like" button. Customer rewards are custom-issued to be spent in local stores using geo-tracking technology in order to provide a relevant marketing experience tailored to suit each customer.

Momentum offers crypto tokens of fungible value instead of reward points in an effort to tackle the issue of customers losing interest with rewards programs and to reinvigorate the relationships between companies and customers. The platform aims to reduce spam significantly by building accurate customer profiles and sending relevant messages only at the appropriate times. The storage of data is secure and transparent, and customers are in control of their own data.

Why is Momentum unique?

Momentum aims to tackle an existing industry in a new way. The MobileBridge Momentum platform will focus on offering customers the most relevant rewards and product connections and ultimately to improve the efficiency of the US$1 trillion market of business marketing. The loyalty rewards market is almost at US$500 billion, with US$100 billion worth of rewards points/tokens currently being left unspent in North America alone due to inefficient customer targeting. Momentum aims to solve this problem by viewing customers as the most potent resource of any business and focusing on creating genuine and mutually beneficial connections between business and customers through the MobileBridge Momentum platform.

Who makes up the team behind Momentum?

The Momentum CEO is Kees de Vos, the former SVP of Hybris. Kees has 15 years of global leadership experience in digital solutions and has worked with Walmart, Argos, and Tesco to help define and implement their digital commerce strategy. Eyal Oster is the President and Founder of Momentum, as well as a co-founder of MobileBridge. Oster has 20 years of experience in leadership roles in both software and hardware companies and startups, and is an expert in mobile platforms, digital marketing automation, and customer loyalty. Ariel Leudi is the Momentum Chairman, and the former CEO of Hybris. Leudi is a technology leader and investor in roughly 20 tech start-ups including MobileBridge. He has also held senior roles at Salesforce, Oracle, and Broadvision.

More details about the Momentum ICO

The Momentum ICO is set to begin on 26 April 2018 and end on 18 May 2018, with no set times yet. Tokens bought during the sale are immediately transferrable after the ICO ends, and investors must sign up for the whitelist on the site in order to participate.

The Momentum token is called MMTN. The price of a single MMTM token will be $0.12, to be paid in ETH or BTC, as well as EUR, USD or CHF through bank transfer. The soft cap is set at US$3.09 million, the hard cap is set at US$52 million, and the target is US$30.9 million.

The token sale will comply with the following allocation strategy:

- 50% Public sale

- 33% MobileBridge strategic capital reserve

- 5% Long-term team retention

- 5% 3rd party launch costs

- 3% MobileBridge Team

- 2% Bounty program

- 2% Advisors

The total supply is 100 million. Any tokens allocated to the public sale that are not sold will be burned.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. It's a mere summary of the details of this ICO. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrencies.