When looking to buy or sell bitcoins, the choices can be overwhelming. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different options to choose from, all offering different coins, trading options, levels of exposure and methods of purchase.

Here are 50 of the best places to buy bitcoins:

Coinbase – Coinbase is one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges and the largest broker. Users can purchase bitcoins using a credit card, debit card, bank transfer or SEPA transfer. The exchange offers a built-in wallet to store their purchases. Its intuitive user interface makes it a great choice for beginners.

Bitstamp – Bitstamp has been in operation since 2011, making it one of the oldest exchanges still operating. Users can make purchases with bank transfers, debit cards and credit cards, though fees are high for customers opting for credit. Bitstamp is a great choice for advanced users looking to buy or sell large volumes of bitcoins, though new users may have trouble with its complex interface.

Coinbase Pro – Coinbase Pro (formally GDAX) offers excellent features for intermediate and advanced traders. Owned by the same company as Coinbase, GDAX offers the same purchasing options – credit card, debit card, bank transfers and SEPA transfer. Its biggest one up on its sister site, however is its extremely low trading fees.

Kraken – Kraken is an excellent option for international investors as it offers a wide variety of funding options in numerous currencies including USD, CAD, EUR, GBP and JPY. It appeals to newcomers and advanced traders alike, with an intuitive interface and in-depth charting features. It also allows users to open trading positions using leverages or margins.

Gemini – Gemini is a compliance-focused cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins. It is especially noteworthy in this regard as it adheres to the highest levels of professionalism and responsibility. Because of these strict guidelines, however, both retail investors and institutional investors are limited in their daily and monthly deposits.

SpectroCoin -SpectroCoin is cryptocurrency exchange, wallet and app that also offers users a prepaid debit card in order to access their funds in the real world. It also allows users to access to a number of deposit and withdrawal methods including debit card, bank transfer, credit card or cash.

Bitso – Bitso is Mexico’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. It allows users to purchase bitcoins with debit card or bank transfer. It has also set up a deal with the popular convenience store Oxxo in order for users to make cash purchases in person.

Satoshi Tango – Satoshi Tango is South America’s number one cryptocurrency exchange. Not only can users buy, sell and trade bitcoins, Argentinian users can also pay their bills or even top up their phone with crypto.

Bitex – Bitex is another Latin American bitcoin solutions provider and exchange, and one of the region’s top brokers for high-volume purchases. Not only does Bitex allow users to buy and sell bitcoins, the company also offers a wide range of solutions for businesses utilizing cryptocurrencies.

Cex.io – Cex.io is one of the oldest exchanges, operating in a number of countries across the world. It allows users to fund their account with debit or credit cards and via bank transfer. Cex.io also offers users the opportunity to trade margins with a competitive commission rate.

FoxBit – FoxBit is Brazil’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. Users can fund their account with debit card or bank transfer. It’s worth noting that users outside of Brazil may have some difficulty getting their accounts verified, though the service is still technically open to users worldwide.

Bitcoin.de – Bitcoin.de is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Germany. Its platform is fairly simple to use, though it only allows users to make deposits through SEPA bank transfers. The exchange has a modest trading volume, though professional traders may favor other services.

Paymium – Paymium is one of Europe’s oldest bitcoin exchanges. It offers users a number of bitcoin solutions including the ability to purchase and sell bitcoins at market price. It also provides advanced trading options with accurate and customizable graphs and loads of data from other exchanges.

Robinhood – Robinhood is a unique platform offering stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies. Though users can’t currently withdraw or add bitcoins to their Robinhood holdings, the company plans to add that functionality in the near future. The biggest benefit of the application is that it boasts zero trading fees which is virtually unheard-of in the exchange world.

VirWox – VirWox or the Virtual World Exchange is an exchange used to acquire currency from the online virtual world Second Life. To buy bitcoins on this platform, users must first purchase SLL (the world’s virtual currency), but they can do this with payment mediums not often supported on other exchanges such as PayPal. Once a user has acquired this currency, they can then trade it for bitcoins.

Bitfinex – Bitfinex is among the top exchanges in the world in BTC/USD volume. To fund an account, users must go through the typical KYC/AML process, which may take several days. After, users are able to purchase bitcoins and a number of other cryptocurrencies.

BitPanda – BitPanda is one of Europe’s leading bitcoin brokers. It offers users a safe and fast way to purchase cryptocurrency. BitPanda also offers some of the lowest fees for credit card purchases of bitcoins on the web, though the fees aren’t displayed publicly.

Changelly – Changelly is an escrow service that allows users to quickly and easily transfer between cryptocurrencies. While that it is its primary function, it also gives users the opportunity to purchase bitcoins with a debit or credit card.

Wirex – Wirex is an app-based multi-currency wallet and debit card which is currently in beta testing. It allows users to fund their accounts through various means including bank transfer or PayPal transfer and then store fiat or purchase and store bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies easily.

CryptoPay – CryptoPay is another app-based multi-currency wallet and debit card provider that was hit with some bad luck. Though the debit card feature is currently on hold, the company suggests a new solution will be available by Q2 2018. In the meantime, users are still able to buy and store bitcoins on CryptoPay’s platform.

Monaco – Monaco’s platform offers users the ability to hold seven fiat currencies and four cryptocurrencies. Users are able to ‘top up’ their wallet using credit, debit, bank transfer or cryptocurrencies. Like others in the list, Monaco also has plans to launch a line of prepaid debit cards.

BRD – BRD (formally Breadwallet) is a fully decentralized app-only cryptocurrency wallet which supports direct purchases of bitcoins and other cryptos with debit or credit cards. The app’s simple design makes it a perfect first choice for beginners in the crypto-world.

Mycelium – Mycelium is another decentralized crypto wallet with ambitious plans. Currently, users can buy and store cryptocurrencies with no fuss, but in the near future, the company promises fiat accounts, debit card solutions, and much more.

ANXPro – ANXPro is a broker providing users with direct access to bitcoin and crypto solutions. The company is partnered with one of Asia’s largest OTC trading desks allowing users to make practically any trade they’d like. It is also in the process of securing a partnership with a card provider in order to provide debit cards for its users.

Xapo – Xapo is an app-based cryptocurrency wallet which was allowed users access to a personal debit card in order to spend cryptocurrency just about anywhere. While the company lost its debit card partnership, it still provides customers with a fast, easy and safe way to purchase bitcoins.

CoinCorner – CoinCorner is a cryptocurrency broker based in the Isle of Man. It allows users to make simple crypto purchases with debit card, credit cards, direct deposit via SEPA or bank transfer, though its fees are relatively high compared to similar services.

Kraken Direct – Kraken Direct (formally Glidera) is a bitcoin broker which allows users to purchase bitcoins directly from a number of popular bitcoin wallets. Though the platform does not currently offer debit or credit card purchases, users can only buy bitcoins using ACH transfers.

CoinGate – CoinGate is a European bitcoin broker which provides users with favorable prices from different exchanges. It also provides solutions for businesses looking to accept bitcoins, including a merchant platform utilizing the lightning network.

Bitaccess – Bitaccess is one of Canada’s top cryptocurrency solutions providers. It provides services for customers looking to purchase bitcoins via cash, credit, debit or bank transfers. Bitaccess is even one of the world’s top vendors of bitcoin ATMs.

Safello – Safello is a registered financial institute and broker allowing users from 32 countries to purchase bitcoins with fast deliveries and high security standards. Because the company works with liquidity providers, it is able to secure fair prices no matter the volume being purchased.

Xcoins – Xcoins is an easy-to-use bitcoin broker. Its main benefit is its fast and uncomplicated verification process. It also allows users to pay with a debit or credit card, bank transfer, PayPal and even e-checks.

CoinsBank – Coinsbank offers users an online wallet supporting a number of currencies and cryptocurrencies, merchant solutions and the opportunity to buy, sell and trade bitcoins easily and safely. It also offers an easy to use app available on Android and iOS devices.

Cubits – Cubits is an easy way for users to purchase bitcoins using 20 separate fiat currencies. Payment methods include; Visa, Mastercard and bank transfers through SWIFT or SEPA. It also offers a wallet for safe storage of cryptocurrencies and transparent prices.

Coinhouse – Coinhouse is a KYC/AML compliant broker allowing users to purchase bitcoins with any bank card, including 3DS credit cards. It also boasts a physical store located in France. Though it provides a simple purchasing solution for European customers, fees are relatively high compared to similar services.

Luno – Luno is one of the easiest ways to get into bitcoin, though its higher fees make it less ideal for experienced users. In addition to its buy/sell features, Luno also provides a wallet to simplify the process for newcomers to the space.

CoinMama – CoinMama is one of the world’s leading bitcoin brokers, serving over a million people in 188 countries. The process to purchase bitcoins is very straightforward, simply sign up, select an amount of bitcoin up to $5,000, and then finalize the purchase. Though CoinMama is easy to use, its fees are very high compared to its competitors.

IndaCoin – IndaCoin is another brokerage platform offering an easy and intuitive way to buy cryptocurrencies. In addition to bitcoin, IndaCoin offers over 700 other altcoins. Though, like CoinMama and Luno, IndaCoin leverages its convenience in order to charge higher fees to buyers.

BitQuick – BitQuick is an escrow service for buying and selling bitcoins. It offers a fast and easy-to-use platform with low fees and reliable customer support. BitQuick is in a space of its own in that it only accepts cash payments through the seller’s bank, meaning users must go to a physical location in order to fulfil their order.

Wall of Coins - Wall of Coins, like BitQuick, is a cash-only escrow service that only allows users to purchase coins through sellers via a physical banking location. While being required to make the purchase in person may be off-putting to some, it allows users to purchase bitcoins with no registration and in cash, making it possible for those without a bank to get into the cryptocurrency space.

Athena Investment Services – Athena is a broker that specializes in high volume purchases for U.S. residents. The company requires a minimum $10,000 purchase, but its customer support and range of services are second to none. It is also one of the U.S.’ top bitcoin ATM providers for those not interested in making such a high purchase.

eToro – eToro is an online broker that allows users both ownership of their bitcoin (though transferring it out of the exchange is a feature coming later in 2018) and the ability to trade via CFDs (contract for difference). The user interface is simpler than may other brokers, making it a great choice for beginners looking to invest in cryptocurrencies as well as stock markets.

FXPro – FXPro is a forex broker with a wide range of options for investors and traders. The company offers multiple execution modes and a competitive fee structure to allow customers get the most out of their investment. The process is fairly straightforward – simply register, verify, fund and trade bitcoin CFDs.

Easy Markets – Easy Markets is an in-depth forex broker with loads of trading options. In addition to bitcoin, the broker allows users to trade fiat currencies, commodities and even gold via CFDs. Easy Markets also offers a desktop platform and Android or iOS apps to allow traders access to the markets no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Markets.com – Markets.com is one of the most used brokers on the planet, with over $185 billion traded just last year. The company’s key draw for investors is its tight spreads and zero commission trades. Markets.com allows users to fund their accounts with a number of mediums including debit, bank transfers and even PayPal.

FXTM – FXTM is another broker offering users exposure to bitcoin through CFDs. The company offers tight spreads and floating leverage up to 1:1000. FXTM also offers users a variety of tools to facilitate well informed trades.

Paxful – Paxful is one of the top peer-to-peer exchanges in the world. It offers users the option to purchase cryptocurrencies with a number of different fiat currencies and payment methods, even Amazon gift cards in some cases. Buying bitcoin is fairly straightforward, simply put in an order with a seller and then the seller’s coins are placed in escrow until the buyer’s payment is processed.

LocalBitcoins – LocalBitcoins is the most-used peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, with users buying and selling cryptocurrencies in 248 countries. The exchange is popular due to the fact that sellers determine which payment method they will accept, opening the door for almost any payment medium as an option for buyers.

Bisq – Bisq is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange with its own client which must be downloaded before trading. Once a user has an account, they can select another user from which they can make a purchase. When the user finds what they are looking for, they can proceed by placing an order and making a payment through a bank transfer or SEPA transfer.

Bitcoin ATMs – Bitcoin ATMs are available worldwide. A user simply locates a bitcoin ATM, selects the amount of bitcoins they wish to purchase, scan their wallet and then deposit cash. Though fees are generally higher, and users pay a premium on their purchase. This is the most anonymous and simple way to buy (and sometimes sell) bitcoins.

Crypto-to-crypto purchases – Crypto-to-crypto purchases are made on exchanges such as Binance, Poloniex, YoBit, ShapeShift and many more. These require users to have crypto holdings in order to exchange for other cryptocurrencies. These exchanges do not support fiat purchases, though they do offer some of the lowest fees and widest variety of cryptocurrencies to trade.

While these are some of the most useful and trusted platforms, there is a whole world of other exchanges, brokers and solutions providers to explore.

Remember to always prioritize safety and privacy when making a bitcoin purchase online or in person. And never invest what you’re not willing to lose!