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1 Misty aChronexia

Misty aChronexia

Anime hub for all your anime needs!

1,516 members Entertainment
2 Memes


All about memes

240 members Comedy
3 The Quietest Revolution

The Quietest Revolution

By Way of The Almighty

147 members YouTuber
4 Anime & Manga

Anime & Manga

To all of the Otakus and Weebs out there (~ • w • )~ Discuss Anime and Manga!!

120 members Discussion
5 Sebb Argo

Sebb Argo

Spread positivity always ❤️

114 members YouTuber
6 Setupsforgaming


Setupsforgaming official community

109 members Entertainment
7 Rant Cafe

Rant Cafe

Join the official Rant Cafe community - this is where the party goes on after the podcast, feel free to let us know any topics you’d like us to talk about, discuss and live chat 💭 with us at all times. Rant cafe is live stream podcast hosted by Anime Uproar and Nux Taku, the show is live on twitch and YouTube every Thursday 5pm EST

101 members Podcast

All the latest news, entertainment, sport & lifestyle stories from Australia’s #1 news site!

96 members News
9 Gaming


Discuss and post the latest and greatest in gaming here!

87 members Games
10 Netflix Fandoms

Netflix Fandoms

Riverdale fan? What about orange is the new black? Any and all Netflix show fanatic is welcome to join this exciting community to discuss their favorite shows!

83 members Entertainment
11 DionYorkie


toooooons comin sooooons 🎤💕

78 members Music
12 Anime & Manga

Anime & Manga

A mainly community for likely minded otakus where you can meet new people and exchange your weeb interests

62 members Entertainment
13 Cute Animals

Cute Animals

A place to get your daily doses of cute. Makes you go awww...

60 members Animals
14 LGBT+


LGBT+ Amino is the largest and most active pride community on Amity. We support all members and will love you no matter what sexuality, gender, or background you come from! __________________________________________________ Whether you are gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning, LGBT+ Amity will be here to support you through the good times and bad. Let us be an escape for you to express your true self! __________________________________________________ Meet other LGBT+ members from around the world, Chat with welcoming friends and mods, Share and listen to our experiences, and do so much more in our community. __________________________________________________ > This is not a dating community, so please don’t come here just to ask for a date or hookup. > Nudity, harassment, bullying, and drama will NOT be tolerated here. > Please read and be respectful of Amity’s Guidelines. __________________________________________________ Do you have Twitter or Instagram? Follow our discreet social media for the best updates

58 members Lifestyle
15 We Only Say Hi To Each Other Community

We Only Say Hi To Each Other Community

Just come by and say “hi”, but nothing else please. Ty. Let’s get to 1,001 people.

58 members Movement
16 Cricket


Join the live chat for the Australia vs India Twenty20 matches now! Welcome to the official cricket community on Amity. Talk to others about all things cricket — matches, teams, players, exchange banter, create posts, and share your photos and videos. Have fun and remember to be respectful.

57 members Sports
17 Food Hub

Food Hub

A community for all those foodies out there

47 members Food
18 Uberwood: Music Biz Insights

Uberwood: Music Biz Insights

Music Business Insights & Discussions

45 members Music
19 Breaking News

Breaking News

Catch up and discuss all the breaking news around the world

44 members News


A place for Annie to talk all day long with her Annienators!

43 members Entertainment
21 Jackson Cheng

Jackson Cheng

Photography | Videography | Travel Adventures

40 members Photography & Film
22 Tech News

Tech News

Place to share and discuss the best of the latest tech and startup news.

39 members News
23 Waifu Heaven

Waifu Heaven

Shere your love for your 2d waifus with the world

34 members Entertainment


Welcome to the LGBTQ+ Community where all sexualities and genders are welcome, we are a diverse group and will aim to support anyone as much as possible

34 members Lifestyle
25 Hiking Australia

Hiking Australia

Community for nature and hiking enthusiasts in Australia. Share and suggest your favorite hiking locations :)

34 members Travel & Adventure
26 Love.Light.Lucid


Spirituality, Empowerment, Enlightenment

33 members Lifestyle
27 TattooWorld


Are you looking for Tattoo ideas, Tattoo designs, Piercing, Body Art or Body modification? We have you covered. Join our channel TATTOO WORLD and get some ideas! Usually we make 3-4 videos per week.

32 members Art & Design
28 Food recipes

Food recipes

Who doesn’t like good food? Share your recipes here, lets food inspire each other!

31 members Food
29 Joe Rogan Podcast

Joe Rogan Podcast

This community is for eveything JRE. Including links to podcasts, short video edits and news about the podcast.

31 members Music
30 Pokémon


The official pokemon amity enjoy

30 members Brand
31 Mitch Lally

Mitch Lally

Filmmaking | Photo discussion

29 members Photography & Film
32 funny


Things that make you laugh out loud! :)

28 members Comedy
33 Writers Society

Writers Society

A place for writers to gain confidence, obtain help, and publish their work!

27 members Creative
34 Travel


27 members Movement
35 Outlaws 4 Lyfe (Red Dead Redemption)

Outlaws 4 Lyfe (Red Dead Redemption)

Red dead obsession (No spoilers!)

26 members Games
36 Marvel


A community to talk about everything Marvel!

25 members Entertainment
37 The Best of YouTube

The Best of YouTube

A place to share the best YouTube videos of all time.

25 members Entertainment
38 NBA Fans

NBA Fans

A community for casual fans and diehards alike. Come together to talk about news, highlights and any discussion related to NBA basketball

24 members Sports
39 EarthPorn


EarthPorn is your community to see the earths natural beauty. Join and share your landscape images with others

24 members Nature


ASL (Australian Silver League) is a gaming community dedicated to CS:GO, where we have up to 12 - 14 teams participate in friendlies and tournaments. We have many events, such as movie nights, giveaways, and much more, that you can participate in. If you like CS:GO, and want to join a team, or form a new team and play in ASL's tournaments, join this Discord server and verify yourself to take part in this opportunity. If you're not particularly interested in joining or creating a team, you can watch us live stream tournaments and events. We may also be doing giveaways and prizes for tournaments and events. Possibly in future

24 members Games
41 Cannabis


24 members Movement
42 Exploring Australia

Exploring Australia

Sharing your experience, photos, video and life in Australia

23 members Travel & Adventure
43 Our doggos

Our doggos

Hello everyone! I love dogs - especially my dog, Charlie ☺️ I’d love to see everyone’s lovely furry friends! Post a photo of your dog or a dog you saw and fell in love with ✨

23 members Animals
44 Vegan Brisbane

Vegan Brisbane

Brisbane is pretty damn vegan. Post your favourite vegan spots and make some new vegan friends along the way. ✌🏼open-minded omnivores are welcome too! ☺️

23 members Food
45 Movies



23 members Movies
46 Foodgasm


Food trends/latest restaurant

22 members Food
47 Product Design

Product Design

A humble community for designers and entrepreneurs to discuss design trends, tips, tools, processes, get feedback on their work, banter and share memes 😆

22 members Art & Design
48 Kmart Lovers

Kmart Lovers

Kmart Lovers is a fun community bringing together Kmart lovers! We want you to share your tips, tricks and Kmart hacks! If in doubt - go to Kmart! We encourage an open - and respectful discussion!

21 members Lifestyle
49 Memes that Make the Girls Creme

Memes that Make the Girls Creme

Cum get this bread For lols so please don’t take offence

21 members Interest
50 Tough Question

Tough Question

Use this platform to publish open letters contending tough questions to academics, politicians, clergy, anyone whose views you would like to either challenge, will clarify. Please be nice

21 members Discussion