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A complete messaging

Amity is an interactive messaging app that brings everything together,
and introduces a new level of live human interaction. All in one place.

Interact freely with Live Mode.

Special features will activate when two or more people are together on the
same screen. Express yourself with live emojis, live touch, and emoji bursts.

Celebrate anytime with
High Fives.

A first-of-its-kind interactive message that allows you to celebrate
moments with friends throughout the day in real-time.

Send anything, instantly.
Without leaving the app.

You can send photos, videos, links, news, locations,
YouTube videos, voice messages, thought messages,
battery levels, stickers, and more - all within Amity.

Interactive messages.
Tap to request photo.

Thinking of someone? Now you can just tap one button
to ask anyone for a photo, video, or even their location.
Starting conversations in Amity is easier, and more fun.

All your memories.
Saved automatically.

All the photos, videos, links, news articles, YouTube
videos, and postcards you send and receive are saved
and organised in one place. Tap to revisit anytime.

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